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As a company we are operators first and software developers second

As an SME ourselves, we passionately care about our customers, to provide them with the best solution in the marketplace.

About us

Real Time Data Solutions (RTDS) empowers SMEs with easy to use, highly secure HR software that reduces admin burden and manages legal compliance. With no hidden costs and unrivalled customer support, RTDS is the ultimate online HR system for staff holiday planning, absence management, HR documents, reporting, training management, and more.

RTDS started when founder Suhail Hasan realized a huge gap in the market for affordable Time and Attendance solutions which could be used alongside the latest biometric technology.
As the name suggests, RTDS is all about providing data in real time. This allows you to make important decisions quickly which in turn reduces your overall payroll costs and creates a more efficient admin system

We have learned that the solution has to be simple – that’s why we focus on ‘all the best bits’ of HR software, delivering those key areas with excellence.

From day one, RTDS was built from the bottom up, working more or less entirely on feedback from customers and creating our software in a manner enriched by employment law.

When it comes to cutting costs and becoming more efficient - we are here to take a lot of the hard work out of the equation. This has been proven by our ever growing list of successful customers, who have aided us in creating the best Time and Attendance solution possible.

Suhail Hasan

Founder & Managing Director

Suhail created RTDS due to a gap in the market for Time and Attendance solutions. Existing T&A systems were far too expensive to run and the latest hardware on the market was not being utilised.

Sheeraz Hasan

Co-Founder & Head of Branding / PR

Not many people can boast they have access to 3 billion clicks. Now based primarily out of LA and Dubai, he is an entrepreneur, social media expert and internationally acclaimed real-time amplification and media strategist who has managed marketing campaigns and works directly with a number of world-famous celebrities including Kim Kardashian, JLO, Ace Family, Lele Pons, Logan and Jake Paul, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Priyanka Chopra, Paris Hilton and the Jackson family, among others, generating over $3bn in earned media.

Sheeraz will be promoting the brand through his newly opened Silicon Valley offices.

Dr Farida Hasan

Finance Director

Farida is a professionally qualified economist, having worked in Financial Services in a career spanning 15 years. She is responsible for our financial integration module. Her focus was to make the merging of the payroll and accounting data sets with our RTDS system as smooth as possible.


    Mathew Hyde

    Head of IT & Internal Systems

    Mat is a graduate of computer science from Imperial University.  He works closely with the MD and wrote the Business Intelligence Software (BIS) that the company uses to run operations, including biometrics, stock, sales reporting, and procurement. Mat heads the team involved in programming RTDS using the latest and most efficient programming languages in order to effectively create a system that provides an off the shelf solution for all types of SME (Small-Medium sized Enterprises)

      Olga Crosse

      Financial Controller

      Olga is a HR professional with 25 years of experience in sectors such as banking, retail, local government, and SMEs. She is responsible for our HR module and her aim was to deliver an off the shelf solution to ensuring all SMES are legally compliant and run as efficiently as possible.

      Rick Di Natale

      IT Support Manager

      Rick works alongside Mat and is responsible for all IT Support and training. He also manages biometric hardware installations to ensure all equipment is being used as efficiently as possible for your business.


        Our Mission

        Offer a fully integrated Biometrics & HR solution, making manual time sheets and handwritten rotas redundant.

        How We Started

        We started 18 years ago to create a simple dashboard to manage and control payroll costs that could combine accurate recording of data and reporting.

        What We Do

        We help clients with complicated payroll requirements and multi tiers of staff, such as salaried staff, zero hours, shift workers and casual staff


        Case Study

        A growing business of 250 staff over 14 locations with payroll costs spiraling.

        From 1996 to 2012, Tinseltown had problems ranging from fraudulent completion of time sheets, staff being paid when not in attendance, excessive breaks, rotas that were not set properly, wrong staff at wrong time and lateness were damaging the business, with no adequate management and control of costs. As no data was available in Real Time, Excel reports took too much management and Head Office time. It had to stop and it did when they switched to RTDS and the results were instantaneous.

        "We never looked back and never wanted to go back"

        -Suhail Hasan, Tinseltown MD


        System went live


        Payroll savings from previous year


        Saved in the first 12 months

        Issues Identified

        • Lateness

        • Time Sheet Manipulation

        • People working longer than rotas

        • Over paying holidays

        • Bad scheduling

        • Staff on rota when not required

        • Staff arriving earlier than shift & getting paid

        • Staff leaving later than shift & getting paid

        • Lost time sheets and forecasting hours

        • Staff signing in for each other

        • Accurate live reporting of data

        • Deducting breaks, which were previously paid

        • Staggering start & finish times based on business needs

        • Overpaying national insurance & pension contribution due to overpaying hours

        • Ensuring have right staff at right time based on operation needs of the company are creating new modules based on feedback from end users and management.

        The results were significant, and provided a substantial Return on Investment and had a positive impact on the bottom line position of the company

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