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Smart face recognition terminal

Suprema FaceStation 2 is the most advanced face recognition terminal providing loads of the world’s best features.

Unrivalled matching speed, accuracy and level of security

Up to 25,000 lx of operating illuminance - accurate regardless of lighting conditions

Ergonomically-designed structure with an intuitive Android interface


High Speed Face Matching

Powered by Suprema’s latest face recognition algorithm and range-leading 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, FaceStation 2 provides the world’s fastest matching speed of up to 3,000 match/sec.

Facestation 2







Massive Memory Capacity

FaceStation 2 offers a massive memory capacity to manage largest number of users in its class. A single unit of FaceStation 2 can accommodate up to 30,000 users, 50,000 face image logs and 5,000,000 text logs.

All Lighting Conditions Confidence

With Suprema’s patented IR illumination and optical technique, FaceStation 2 now achieves operating illuminance of up to 25,000 lx, about 5 times brighter than industry average. At 25,000 lx, FaceStation 2 allows uninterrupted face recognition regardless of all possible indoor lighting conditions as well as outdoor installations unless exposed on direct sunlight.


Enhanced Security Features

Infra-red based fake face blocking technology
(Live Face Detection)

Multi-band RF reading technology supporting latest RFID standards

High quality face image logs

Improved Ergonomics for Greater Height Range

FaceStation 2 allows the greatest height range of 145cm ~ 210cm. With optional tilt-bracket, FaceStation 2 also accommodate wheelchaired persons and children.


Android-based Intuitive GUI

On its wide touchscreen LCD, FaceStation 2 offers industry’s most intuitive graphic user interface. Thanks to the latest Android 5.0 OS, FaceStation 2 features latest material design concept to provide extremely easy to use GUI requiring near-zero training for both users and system administrators.

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