RTD HR Manager module

Focus on people, not paperwork

We have taken our time to tailor the RTDS software for every business’s needs. From leave approval to wage rates & expenses, we have provided you with an extensive toolset for managing and optimizing your workforce; so, you can work smarter, not harder.

Centralised employee information

Every face in one place

We support our customers in achieving the most accurate record of their employees.
With all HR processes and employee information stored securely in a central source, RTDs lets you manage everything from one super user friendly interface: from training documents to sick leave and hours worked.

What it can do for your organisation

Security is our priority

We know how important protecting valuable employee data is to a business. Many companies fail to adhere to security procedures, and it could end up costing them a lot of cash. This is why RTDs provides top end GDPR compliant encryption with the ability to choose who can see what and when.


What it can do for your organisation

Effectively manage your organisation

HR Manager software takes some of the administrative pressure from HR teams by allowing employees to keep their own records up to date.

Some of the features in the HR Module


Clear absence reporting


Report writing capability


Employee document archiving


Update reminders for outstanding or outdated documents


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