Time & Attendance Module

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Time and attendance software so reliable you can set your watch by it. Get better operational control and support for the day-to-day management of your workforce with time and attendance systems.

How does it work?

It takes away the pain of manually managing T&A

Our Real Time T&A software works in conjunction with our biometric clocking hardware to give companies accurate attendance data in real time. Our system takes away the headache of manual monitoring and will highlight areas that need improvement. RTDs has limitless reporting capabilities, giving you the relevant data and insight needed to improve your time management.

Stay time efficient

Easy to install & use

With cloud-based T&A software, installation is effortless. Once up and running, you will be able to monitor staff hours, sick days, holidays and much more.

How it benefits your business

It can be adjusted to your exact needs

Our model can accommodate any businesses T&A needs. It provides flexibility of work rotas; whether it be locally or across sites, whilst still maintaining your companies working policies.


Benefits of our time and attendance software

Easy to use

Its straightforward self service for employees & managers

Quicker decision making

Based on shifts and planned holidays

Absence planning

Helps you avoid the cost of hiring replacement workers

Helps you stay compliant

Gives you alignment with legal requirements

Payroll Integration

It can easily integrate with your payroll

Streamline the entire process

Our T&A software offers a range of customisable reports which can be integrated directly into your Payroll software

What data can be accessed?


Daily and periodic totals


Forecast and paid hours


Overtime and special hours


Flexitime and annualised balances.


Holidays, sickness and business absences


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